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  EuroTree Horst bv was established in 2001 and is located in Melderslo, Limburg (NL). The continuously innovative and wide sortiment of EuroTree consists of conifers, shrubs, hedge elements and pruning shapes. With years of experience, EuroTree strives to deliver the best product to gardeners, garden centers, cash-and-carry's and other green professionals both nationally and internationally. 


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EuroTree is a young company which was founded in 2001 by Wilbert Christiaens and Eef van Os. Both with their roots in the tree nursery sector and convinced that cooperating at that moment was a possibility to expand the existing nurseries to a modern and flourishing company.

EuroTree is well known for her boxwood globe and cone topiaries, EuroTree also cultivates conifers and shrubs in the open field: Chamaecyparis, Ilex, Juniperus, Prunus, Taxus and Thuja are the most important varieties. Furthermore EuroTree offers a broad assortment of bred conifers: Abies, Picea and Pinus in several sorts and sizes. Next to this assortment, EuroTree also cultivates instant hedges and topiaries in different sorts and shapes like, amongst others; spirals, pompon, globes on stems (standards) and bonsai.

Overzicht nieuwe loods - Buxus (Klik voor een grote weergave) Veld Buxus (Klik voor een grote weergave) Spiraal (Klik voor een grote weergave) Vormsnoei (Klik voor een grote weergave) Veld buxus sempervirens (Klik voor een grote weergave) Juniperus scop. \'Blue Arrow\' (Klik voor een grote weergave) Overzicht kas (Klik voor een grote weergave) Overzicht veld coniferen (Klik voor een grote weergave) Conifeer veld (Klik voor een grote weergave)

EuroTree has 51.100m² greenhouse and 20.000m² container field at its’ disposal. This is where a part of the open field plants are cultivated in pots, as a result, EuroTree is able to deliver a reliable product year round. Do you have any questions or would you like to visit the company, don’t hesitate to call or send an email to make an appointment.


Eurotree Boomkwekerijen Horst B.V.
Onkelweg 16
5962 NJ Melderslo, The Netherlands

+31 (0)77-398 8020
+31 (0)77-398 5832




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